Wireless Internet Services

Anvil’s Wireless Internet Service comes to you through our extensive tower and radio network in central Texas. The technology uses line-of-sight radio waves to communicate between our towers and a dedicated radio/antenna installed at your location. The radio is wired to an internal wall plate which provides you with convenient access to the Internet 24/7. Your computer’s Ethernet port can be connected directly to the wall plate, or you can use a wired or wireless router for extra security and/or to share your Internet service with other computers and devices you may have.  Our very knowledgeable staff is happy to answer any other technical questions you may have during your free site survey.


Service Pricing


Internet service is $49 per month regardless of how many computers or other Internet devices you have in your home or business.


Anvil uses some of the newest and most advanced technology available for wireless communications. This translates to both reliability and speed, with virtually all of our customers experiencing superior upload, and many getting superior download speeds compared with other DSL and wireless options.** There is no access time limit or quota on the volume of data that can be processed by each customer.


**Speed varies from installation to installation depending on location but overall, Anvil customers enjoy excellent speed and performance.


Equipment Package


New installations require the purchase of an equipment package including customer radio, cables, connectors, antenna, mast, and miscellaneous installation hardware. Anvil provides this equipment to customers at our cost and it’s yours to keep, transfer or resell.




Anvil will waive the $99.00 labor fee for installation of the equipment package with a 12 month service commitment.  Additional connections, hubs, wireless routers, etc. may be purchased separately to accommodate additional computers and devices.


Payment Plans


Monthly service charges are payable with either of two easy payment plans.

1) Quarterly payment through mailed billing or credit-card transfer
2) Automated monthly credit-card transfer

Payment for the first billing period and equipment costs are due at the time of installation.



Anvil operates one of the most extensive wireless Internet networks in central Texas and our customers enjoy some of the most reliable, high performance service available.